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My work has been shortlisted for the Vodafone Crossword Book Awards, chosen independently for the Nami Book Fair in Korea, and been presented by the publisher to POTUS Barack Obama. My stories and profiles have been selected regularly since 1999 by Children’s Book Trust at their contests. I have contributed, on invitation, to a collection for children put together by National Foundation For Communal Harmony, Government of India.

WHO? I am a features journalist, editor and author. Since I believe that learning should never end, I trained recently as a corporate communicator. My interest in the environment inspires me to conduct workshops on the subject, online and in person. I also conduct sessions for students, teachers and parents on a slew of child-related subjects. An enthusiastic storyteller, I am also a teacher of creative writing and English language and literature. A fact freak, I enjoyed editing one chapter of the Limca Book of Records for over 20 years. A firm believer in voluntarism, I have held storytelling sessions for non-profits and in the children’s ward of a hospital. I am comfortable in English, Bangla and Hindi.

WHAT? I write books and stories, edit manuscripts and reports, conduct workshops and online sessions. My stories are in prose and in verse and I enjoy scripting plays for children. As an independent writer, my articles have appeared regularly in Terra Green, Mint, Children’s World and other publications.

WHERE? My career began in journalism. As a student, I freelanced for The Telegraph and then worked full time with Jammu Panorama, Target, The Economic Times, Femina, Bride & Style and online presence, Teen Community.
My books, stories and translations have been published by, in alphabetical order, Aadarsh, Association of Writers and Illustrators for Children (AWIC)-Pan Macmillan, Bharati Bhavan Publishers and Distributors, Children’s Book Trust, Katha, Oxford University Press, Penguin Random House (India), Pratham, Rupa & Co, Sheth Publishers, Scholastic, Scholars Hub, Target, Women’s Era and several others. My clients in editing include National Institute of Open Schooling, UNDP and Planning Commission.
I have conducted workshops for teachers, school administrators and students across India from Kalimpong to Amritsar, including Kolkata, Howrah, Delhi, Gurugram, Noida, Jabalpur and Jalandhar. Institutions and events where I have conducted sessions include Nehru Planetarium, British School, Delhi Public Schools, Scindia School, Cantonment Board schools, Shriram School, World Book Fair.


Smart Green Civilizations

Did you know that the Mesopotamians were the ones who came up with the idea of using wind energy to travel from one place to another. . .

One Lonely Tiger

What happens if we keep cutting down forests? Where will the original residents of our jungles live? 

Indus Valley Civilization

This is a short, colorful book that introduces children to the Indus Valley Civilization. However, by leaving out some of the greatest accomplishments. 


“This is a charming little book, and I hope that the youth will realize the plight of our planet.”
Valmik Thapar
“This book playfully covers the moods of the jungle and also hints at the growing impact that human activities have on the home of the tiger.”
Belinda Wright OBE
founder of Wildlife Protection Society of India
“I liked the story because of its simplicity, this attracts kids to read. The language of the story is simple and easily understandable."
Bramara Nagraj
I Care For My Eyes is a great read. Do share it with your young friends!”
Dr G. Nageswara Rao
Founder-Chair, LV Prasad Eye Institute
“Teachers and students might focus on a single animal at a time. An excellent source for individual reading and research.”
Julie Moran
Ohio State University
“Amusing story, very attractively illustrated. I couldn't put the book down since the pace was swift, with an unexpected and meaningful twist at the end."
Shobha Ramaswamy
While writing the last chapter in the English through Literature series for India, my editor asked me to use a poem by Benita Sen. Before starting I went off to find out who Sen was and discovered a wonderful woman with a keen interest in education and in environmental issues. She’s written all kinds of books for children and teenagers and she does story-telling and runs workshops on creative writing too. This got me think about how great it would be to enroll in one of her workshops
Katherine Bilsborough
ELT Writer and Teacher Trainer