One Lonely Tiger

Fiction: Verse

What happens if we keep cutting down forests? Where will the original residents of our jungles live? The rapidly shrinking forest finds a lonesome hero in the last surviving tiger. Whom should he play with, now that all tigers have disappeared?  The nameless tiger is caught in the tug-of-war over living space between people and wild animals. One Lonely Tiger illustrates this urgent threat of extinction and loss of habitat among valuable species, and asks the pressing question: Are our trees, wild animals, birds and insects safe amidst us? The story is set in rhyme and, as in all my stories, has gentle humour that tones down many harsh truths. It gives the young reader a look into the ecological crisis around us and encourages the child to think. In spite of the degradation all around, it ends on a note of hope. 

Green Gardening: Ideas to Potter Around With


When a gardening buff is an author and a crafting enthusiast, the result has to be a book to pass the love for gardening on to the young reader. The book encourages readers to adopt eco-friendly gardening practices that are not only good for the environment but also for the doer. The crafts are simple, enjoyable and rewarding and make for the perfect workshop module. The book covers a wide range of topics, including composting, organic gardening, water conservation, creating wildlife habitats, and using natural pest control methods. It also provides tips on how to grow a variety of plants, from vegetables and herbs to flowers and shrubs. With living space shrinking, this book includes ideas for gardening in small spaces, such as balconies and window ledges. Who said, gardening is about numbers? Even one plant can be your garden!

What did Nepo Do with a Sari?

Fiction: Verse

A sari can be used in a hundred different ways. Well, pushed to the end of his patience, Nepo came up with a rather unusual use for Dadi’s sari. Guess what the farmer used it for? The story begins with Nepo barging into the home of the young protagonist. The  household is bustling with activity among the various species that live comfortably with each other under one roof. The action then moves outdoors into a world of toil, ground realities and human ingenuity.

More Trash Crafts: Super Exciting Things To Make From Junk


Crafting has always been one of my favourite activities. I have written several books on the subject, including Trash Crafts, the prequel to this book; and Fabulous Folk Art. The book is divided into different sections, each focusing on a different type of material, such as paper, plastic, metal, and fabric. The facts about trash are thoroughly referenced. Each section includes easy to follow step-by-step instructions for making a variety of different crafts. One of the unique features of the book is that it encourages children to use their imagination and experiment with different materials and techniques. There are suggestions and guidance even as the book encourages children to adapt and modify the crafts to make their own.

Fabulous Folk Art


Craft books are precious tools for crafters. For decades, I had been referring to craft books written and published in other countries. What could one refer to when it came to Indian crafts? This book is a result of that quest and the decades I have spent following and reporting on Indian handicrafts and meeting our craftspersons. The book explores the history and cultural significance of various forms of folk art. Within each section,  there are details of the different types of folk art produced in that region, as well as the materials and techniques used.

Bright Hearts 1 to 8: Value Education And Life Science

Text book & resource book

Values are the bulwark of life. Celebrating values that have evolved over centuries, this series of eight books include stories and real-life examples about important ideals such as kindness, honesty, respect, and responsibility.

The books are designed to help children think and then develop a range of important life skills. They also emphasise the importance of values such as empathy, respect, and responsibility. The hope is that young readers, exposed to such values, will grow into responsible citizens.

The Magic Carpet 1,2,3

Text book

A trained post graduate teacher of English and Social Sciences, I was waiting to be called upon to write a text book of English. After contributing regularly to English text books, this was an opportunity to share interesting stories and poems for the entire book. These books are designed for children in grades 1, 2 and 3. They include an imaginative range of stories and rhymes to help young readers develop reading, writing and communication skills.

Indus Valley: Key stage 2 (Smart Green Civilizations)

Non-fiction/Fact and fiction blend

When the publisher approached me to delve into history and bring out how environmentally friendly our ancestors were, I realised that there was little specific reference material. It required one to read reams about each civilization. IVC is the most popular book of the series that covers several other settlements from ancient China to Latin America. The book is designed for children in Key Stage 2, which is typically between the ages of 7 and 11 years old. In each book in this series, we look at the geography, history, art, architecture, trade, and daily life.

Oly And Owly


What began as a simple play of words turned into an effective tool to introduce the young reader to word play. The child and the owlet epitomise a unique friendship that goes across species. The story celebrates friendship, acceptance, and diversity. The simple language and easy-to-follow storyline make it an ideal read-aloud book for parents and teachers. And yes, it’s a favourite at my storytelling workshops. The book is best enjoyed by children between three and six years, and all those who are young at heart.

Bubble Blue and Baby Fish: Augmented Reality Experience (Color Fairies)


The book is part of the Color Fairies series and is aimed at children between three and six years old. Each book in this series tells the story of a fairy that represents a particular colour. This book deals with the colour blue. It tells the story of Bubble Blue, a fairy who lives in a magical underwater world. She enjoys her friendship with a baby fish but then, crisis strikes. What makes this book unique is that it includes an augmented reality experience that brings the characters to life. By downloading the accompanying app and scanning the pages of the book, children can interact with the characters in 3D, hear their voices, and explore their underwater world in a whole new way. Also in this series are Ruby and the Red Rose, and Omni and the Orange.


Online workshops: Appreciating literature, improving language, structured cursive handwriting, environmental studies. Appreciated by hundreds of students in India, USA, Bangladesh, Dubai.

I have conducted workshops for teachers, school administrators and students across India from Kalimpong to Amritsar, including Kolkata, Howrah, Delhi, Gurugram, Noida, Jabalpur and Jalandhar. Institutions and events where I have conducted sessions include Nehru Planetarium, British School, Delhi Public Schools, Scindia School, Cantonment Board schools, Shriram School, World Book Fair.

Reviews from participants:

It was such a great opportunity to get five sessions with THE Benita Sen. Thank you so much, Ma’am. I loved the modules.

The best workshop I’ve ever attended.

At the end of this wonderful workshop I could easily think of writing a wonderful short story with a beginning, plot and the mysterious twist at the end.

It was amazing, especially the story!

I learnt new words, new ways to form stories. It was outstanding. I loved it!

The most amazing workshop. Benita Ma’am is a role model for all the students. Thank you for your precious time.

I loved it. For the first time, I really felt like writing a story with pleasure. First class!

It was a fun and informative workshop. The sessions were short and crisp.