Heading For Trouble!

Dadaji (grandfather) comes visiting during summer holidays. And stays on till Diwali, which makes it half a year of fun. I’ll tell you why. First, he arrives with bundles of gifts. Stuff that no one ever brings me. Homemade laddoos bumpy from fingers that shaped them, sticks of sugarcane that smell of his fields, papads […]

A Roaring Shame

Once upon a jungle In a land not far away There was an awful bungle In a den where lions lay. There were two mighty lions… I’ve made a mistake there… One was a mighty lioness, Now, that’s being right and fair. These two awesome beasties Were parents fond and proud Of a litter of […]

A Friend in Need

It happened not very long ago. But when you’re a snail, days move at a snail’s pace, too. So, if you were to ask our friend the snail when this happened, she’d tell you, it was y-e-ars ago… Well, to get on with our story. In the shade of a cool, damp log, snoozed a […]